Real Estate Practices
On-Line El Camino Fall 2006
Sales Classes and Dialogues
This is the Second Mandatory Class for 4 Year Licensing
On Line Syllabus Fall 2006

1.  Ad Calls_
    Ad Call Zip
    Class 1 Orientation
2.  Listing Agreement
     Agency Disclosure

   Listing Problem Marion Avenue Property
   Previous Listing on Marion Avenue
   Tax Information for Marion Avenue Project
   Property Profile for Marion Avenue Project

     Tax Assessors Comparables
3.  Successful Open House Class Slides
    Open House Zipped

    Class 3 Orientation
    Buyer Objections
    Buyer Questionnaire   

4.   Residential Purchase Agreement
        Chapter 4 Deposit Receipt Assignment
5. Expired Listings
     Expired Listings Zipped
6. Seller Cost Sheets
     Buyer Cost Sheets
      Seller Cost Class
      Buyer Cost Class
Buyer Cost Class Zipped
         Seller Cost Class Zipped
7.  The 4 Sale By Owner How to List Them
      For Sale By Owner Presentation
8. Prospecting for Buyers & Sellers
       Exclusive Authorization to Acquire
9.   Why I Should Handle Your Sale   
10.  Presenting the Offer
         The Family Photograph
          The Buyer Letter          
           Presentation Guideline      
11. Seller Listing Presentation
      Prudential Listing Class 
       Listing Presentation Class Instructions



12.   Counter Offers
              Getting & Handling the Counter Offer
             Agency Disclosure
            Transfer Disclosure Statement

            Various Disclosures
           Using Disclosures as a Selling Tool
 13. Buyer Books -
         Creating Your Personal Buyer Book
          Buyer Books Template
14.  Seller Books
             Creating Your Personal Seller Book
15.  Handling Objections 16. Classic Closes
         Practicing Scripts & Dialogues
17.Buyer Counseling 18.Handling Seller Objections
 19. Qualifying the Buyer 20. Creating Dream Books
           For Buyers - For Sellers - For Open House
21.  Tax Benefits for Buyers & Sellers
          Real Estate & Taxation
22.   Trust Fund Handling
           Showing Property to Buyers
23. Buyer Objections 24. Buyer Questionnaires & How to Use Them
25.   Viewing Listings with Power
26.  Handling Buyer Objections
          Safe Islands for Buyers
27.  Open and Closed Questions
       Dialogue Practice "Teddy Bear Treatment"
28.  Art of Preparing the Buyer for the Purchase
28. Goal Setting 29. Visualization
30. Art of Preparing the Buyer for the Purchase  

Immediate Forms for Realtors

Mid-Term Online Practices Final Examination Online Practices
Agency Disclosure PDF Listing Agreement PDF
Transfer Disclosure Statement PDF Deposit Receipt - Offer to Purchase
Seller Net Sheet Buyer Cost Sheet
Counter Offer Buyer Questionnaire
Seller Questionnaire Open and Closed Questions
Salability Checklist 11 Money Makers
Mid-Term Practice Examination Final Examination Practice Examination
Why I Should List Your Home Living Room Close
A Couple Like You Close Somebody in Your Driveway
Tip of The Iceberg 6% Commission Counter
"The Letter" Buyer Objections
11 Money Makers    Tip of The Iceberg
Living Room Close   Somebody in Your Driveway
 A Couple Like You Close